About DHCC

Dirty Hands Candle Company was established in 2016, but the idea has been around for a long minute.

You see, in Texas, a minute is not just 60 seconds. And a long minute? Well, that can be years…

We are located right here in the Texas Panhandle, Canyon, TX



“I’m always happier when my hands are dirty.”

Welcome to our World.  We may be the new owners of Dirty Hands, we are really just the stewards of Layne's vision and intend to keep it Alive.  We hope you join us on this journey and share our Vision as well.

Dirty Hands Candle Company is about real candles made by a real person. Candles that were hand crafted with care, not machine poured. I source organic soy wax, manufactured in the US, featuring American soybeans. I use essential or cosmetic grade fragrance oils, and a 100% cotton wicks.
All this authentic goodness is poured by hand into recycled glass containers sourced in Texas, USA.
Straightforward and honest,  handmade and genuine. Simplicity never goes out of style  

Scent is the most evocative of the 5 senses. It has the power to transport us back through time, or to far off place we have never been. Dirty Hands Candle Company does just that by capturing the fragrances and lifestyle of my southern roots and the spirit of the wide-open West.


Welcome to our world, one scent at a time.


Dirty Hands Signature Scents


Leather - You know that smell when you walk into a tack shop? Yep, that’s the one. If you love that smell, then this one is for you. Smells cleaner than the interior of a brand new King Ranch F250. Rich leather and nothing else. 
Austin City Limits - Base notes of Patchouli and Cedar with top notes of manly spice. This scent is right at home with the hippies and the cowboys, in its namesake city. 
Cactus Blossom - White flowers, crisp clean florals, with just a hint of Granny Smith so it’s not too sweet. Bright and feminine. 
Pearl Snaps - Clean and masculine, this scent smells like a cowboy on a Saturday night dressed up to find his honky tonk angel. Citrus, Bergamot, Amberwood and Leather.
Sandalwood and Saddle Leather - This fragrance is smooth and subtle. Earthy and woody. Classic sandalwood finished with smokey, leathery deliciousness.
Porch Swing- Porch Swing features scents of Bergamont, cardamom and cedarwood. Strong and masculine, this fragrance is as warm and welcoming as a front porch swing on a summer night. 
Dallas After Midnight- My daddy always told me that, “nothin’ good happens in Dallas after midnight.” This fragrance is the one exception. This smoke show is definitely the Queen of the Rodeo taking you back to the best times from your misspent youth or the best Saturday night you can’t remember. Sandalwood, cedar, leather, pepper and smoke.
Bourbon and Cedar-This fragrance is not your average cup of whiskey. Bourbon whiskey, nutmeg, and cedarwood. It may not fill your glass, but it will fill your space as warmth.
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