Lonely East Texas Nights 9 ounce Whiskey Glass Candle
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Lonely East Texas Nights 9 ounce Whiskey Glass Candle

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Lonely East Texas Nights is a fragrance born of my formative years. 
In my early 20’s I hung out with a girl on the Stephen F Austin University rodeo team. Seemingly every weekend found me making that 3+ hour Drive from my hometown in Denton, Texas out to SFA in Nacogdoches, Texas. 
Puppy love and anticipation made the drive out fly by. The drive back was not the same story.

Headlights and two lanes of Texas black top were my only companions on that Sunday late night drive. .
That relationship ended like most 20-something long distance relationships. But through all that, I met a group of guys that were, at the time, one of the few that were growing alfalfa hay in that part of the world. .
I started hauling hay with those boys. We were moving it from East Texas to all the high dollar horse barns on the outskirts of Dallas. .
We were making a killing, and still giving the folks we were selling to a great price over what they were paying per bail for alfalfa coming all the way from New Mexico.

Business was good, which meant I was making that drive from Denton to just outside of Nacogdoches a lot more often, only without the puppy love and anticipation to shorten the miles. My truck back then didn’t have an AC, so a whole damn bunch of those miles were spent with the windows down, left elbow in the breeze, soaking up the smell of alfalfa, fertile earth, and the East Texas piney woods. 
This fragrance is dark and sultry like those moody drives. Dark woods, pine heart, and just a little sweet hay to tug your heart strings. 
Take a trip down a lonely piece of Texas two lane with me, you will love the destination. 

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